“Latest advances in oxygen control: knowledge and new enological tools”

South American session

9th of January 2009, Santiago, Chile

It has been long accepted that oxygen plays a crucial role in enology.

Pasteur already mentioned that oxygen can make or break the wine. Oxygen management in wine thus represents a key solution to allow for the best wine quality in relation to different markets and types of consumers.

The First International Conference on Oxygen Management In Wines is set to become a forum for technical exchange between scientists and professionals from the wine industry. This one-day conference will be based upon two main sessions:

-> Measuring oxygen and its impact

-> Managing the impact of oxygen

World-renowned speakers from academia and industry will cover these two sessions presenting not only the state-of-the-art knowledge but also the latest advances in technology. The goal of the conference is to illustrate there is an obvious need for an integral solution for oxygen management throughout the whole wine production and preservation.

This conference is brought to you by the International Association O2inWines™ composed of vendors & suppliers to the wine industry, all leading innovators in their field and heavily involved in researching oxygen management. O2inWines™ will be promoting a better oxygen management in the wine industry based on scientific sound data. World-renowned Research Institutes and Universities will be a warrant for the quality of the research programs facilitated by the association.